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Support Staff

School Support Staff

John H. Castle hosts one of the best staffs in the state. Comprised of both secretarial and support staff members, these professionals keep the school running! See below for a listing of these dedicated employees:

Support Staff Members:


Guidance Staff Members:

Program Assistants:

  • Ms. Erin Bolton
  • Mrs. Abby Mitchell
  • Mrs. Emily Phelps
  • Mrs. Nikki Mosby
  • Mrs. Ami Lloyd
  • Mrs. Kari Jenkins
  • Ms. Kelsi Jennings
  • Mrs. Carrie Rice
  • Mrs. Katie Gentry
  • Mrs. Laura Hatfield
  • Mrs. Chanda Zirkelbach
  • Mrs. Sarah Phelps
  • Mrs. Kristen Bernick
  • Mrs. Sarah Loehr 

Custodial Staff:

  • Mr. Ron Leach 
  • Mrs. Jennifer Schultheis
  • Ms. Deonna Postin
  • Ms. Katelin Rice
  • Ms. Brittany Dennnis

Cafeteria Staff:

  • Manager: Mrs. Kathy Gentry
  • Mr. Josh Cady
  • Mrs. Meshiel Charles
  • Ms. Haley Dowling
  • Mrs. Kathy Johnson
  • Mrs. Amber Kinney
  • Mrs. Jennifer Munday
  • Ms. Cortney Perkins
  • Mrs. Jaime Rathgeber
  • Mrs. Christine Schulte


Computer Support Staff:

  • Mr. John Knight - WCSC Computer Technician
  • Ms. Jennifer Sandusky - Building Technology Coordinator